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Worked with Gary to score our family an owner occupied 4-plex.

Not only he is extremely knowledgeable in closing process and local market, but is really a fun to work with and is a great coach on investment strategies. Always approachable, positive, respectful, professional. Gary set the showings for all my inquiries, always crunched down ROI numbers and NEVER made me feel uncomfortable for wanting to see new listings while we had the offers in. Offers were submitted in a timely manner, communication was impeccable! When there were issues with repairs at closing Gary went out of his way to represent my interests, even threw a free trash haul of construction debris from the site that was left behind by the seller's contractor. Gary is funny and made my children very comfortable at showings when they got to join. We really got a royal service from the Real Estate King! Only Gary for my next RE transaction!


There are many reasons Gary is the Real Estate King of Alaska.

Gary is tenacious with detail, follow through and communications. He is as 'on-top' of the process as any real estate professional out there YET- he is completely relaxed and no-pressure with his clients. I've known Gary for many years both personally and professionally. He refers our Allstate agency to his clients -so my team and I frequently have the opportunity to talk about their experience working with Gary - they LOVE him. Although we hear many great things about him, the two primary things that we hear over and over are: 1. He never pressured us. If he even sensed we had the slightest hesitancy on a property - he would say- "let's keep looking". He didn't want us to settle for less than the perfect place for us. We found the home we wanted to buy- not the one he wanted to sell. 2. They also say; He never gave up on us - even when we were becoming discouraged by things like financing or inspections issues - he was our champion and our encourager. If it weren't for his tenacity and kindness we wouldn't have been able to get into the perfect place for us.

Devery Prince Allstate

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